Women's Yoga Workshops



   A series of special Women’s Yoga Workshops

with Ana Davis from Bliss Baby Yoga 

17-19 July, 2015 - Yoga Spirit Studios, Adelaide


The Dark Moon LRAbout these Workshops

Stop practising yoga like a man and start practising like a woman!

In this special series of workshops on yoga for women’s health, be inspired to integrate a more feminine approach to your yoga practice.  Learn how to honour the changing phases of women’s monthly and life cycles in order to connect more deeply with your natural femininity, vitality and creativity. 

About Ana Davis

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With 19 years teaching experience and over 20 years of personal yoga practice, Ana Davis is a well-known yoga teacher and teacher trainer specialising in yoga for women’s health.  She is founder of Bliss Baby Yoga, a well-respected prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher training organisation offering courses across Australia and internationally. 

In 2013 Ana also founded Moving with the Moon, which offers workshops and classes on yoga for the menstrual cycle, menopause and fertility.   She has recently released an e-book: “The Dark Moon – Nurturing Yoga for Healthy Menstruation”, which is an advanced chapter from her upcoming book, “Moving with the Moon – Nurturing Yoga, Movement and Meditation for Every Phase of your Menstrual Cycle”.

To find out more about Ana and her work please visit her websites: www.blissbabyyoga.com and www.movingwiththemoon.com 

Workshop #1: 

Moving with the Womb  - Embracing a Feminine Yoga Practice (Talk and Yoga Practice)

Friday 17th July, 6.30pm - 9pm

Moving with the Womb 1 LR

Ana will explain how a woman’s yoga practice needs to respond to her changing monthly and life cycles, rather than blindly following the more traditional, linear, masculine model.   Learn how a more feminine approach to yoga can support us throughout our key ages and stages to enhance your health, vitality and wellbeing as a woman, no matter how old you are! You will also get to experience a soft, feminine yoga practice that will help you begin to embody these delicious practices.    

Take home notes provided  - beneficial postures for our various ages and stages as women. 

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Workshop #2:

Moving with the Moon – Yoga for Healthy Menstruation (Talk and Yoga Practice)

Saturday 18th July, 9.30am – 12.30pm

DM Dark Moon LowRes

Enjoy a talk and juicy discussion about how to connect with and honour the changing phases of your menstrual cycle and in particular how to adapt your yoga practice for your Dark Moon (monthly bleeding time) in order to enrich your experience of your monthly cycle and to boost your overall health and wellbeing.  You will never look at your cycle in the same way again!  There will also be a long, luxurious ‘Dark Moon’ Yoga for Menstruation Practice so you can experience this wonderful therapeutic tool for yourself. 

Take home notes provided – a Dark Moon Yoga Sequence for Healthy Menstruation.

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Workshop #3: Embracing Menopause (Talk and Yoga Practice)

Menopause Yoga 2 LR

Saturday 18th July, 2.30pm – 5.30pm

We will discuss and share our experiences and understanding of the physical, emotional and spiritual changes and challenges a woman faces as she moves towards menopause. Learn that by reframing our attitude towards these changes we can embrace this Autumnal, ‘wise-woman’ phase of our lives, particularly if we use the many tools of a feminine yoga practice to support us.   We will practice a beneficial Yoga for Menopause sequence that will include a number of supported inversions. 

Take home notes provided – Yoga Tips for Menopause. 

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Fertility Yoga 3 LRWorkshop #4: Yoga for Fertility  (Talk and Yoga Practice)

Sunday 19th July, 10am – 1pm 

Learn about the benefits of yoga to support a woman during the emotional stresses of infertility, including those postures and practices that can best promote fertility and reproductive health.  We will also enjoy a nurturing Yoga for Fertility practice.

Take home notes provided – Yoga Postures for Fertility.

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Workshop #5: Restorative Yoga for Women  (Yoga Class)

Restorative Yoga 2 LRSunday 19th July, 3pm – 5pm

Bliss out with a special, 2 hour nourishing Restorative Yoga Practice for women.   This practice will feature restorative yoga postures that are beneficial for various women’s health conditions, ages and stages, and are designed to help calm your nervous system and balance the hormones.  You will leave this class feeling deeply relaxed, nurtured and inspired by this gentle, supportive approach to your yoga practice.  Ana’s restorative classes are something to be experienced! 

Take home notes provided – Restorative Yoga Postures for Women.

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Early-bird rates (if booked and paid before 31st May)

$50 per session or all 5 sessions for $225 ($45 per session)


Full price rates (if booked and paid after 31st May)

$55 per session or all 5 sessions for $250 ($50 per session)


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Dark moon promoClick here for information about Ana Davis's newly released E-Book "The Dark Moon - Nurturing Yoga for Healthy Menstruation", which is an advance chapter of her upcoming book "Moving with the Moon - nurturing yoga, movement and meditation for every stage of your menstrual cycle", due for release in early 2016.


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